Fundraising within schools and communities is about harnessing the collective efforts of students, teachers, families, and County Durham residents to make a positive impact for our NHS Trust and what it is able to deliver to patients. 

Fundraising at school

Schools have the unique opportunity to instil the values of empathy, compassion, and social responsibility in students while raising funds for a worthy cause. 

Teachers can inspire students to become active citizens by teaching them about philanthropy and more about the role of our NHS in the community by organising fundraising activities that enthuse and help equip them for the future.

Our partners report that their whole school community benefit from supporting a local cause.

“We chose to work with your charity as we would like our children to gain a better understanding of the wider community and how they can help support these causes. We, as a school think it is highly important for children to make these community links to develop their knowledge and skills which will enable them to become independent and successful learners and responsible citizens. Our children and their families were very supportive of this and our staff at the school made the donations for the care packages, as the children's families had already donated an abundance of food for our local food bank."

- Michelle Smith, Walworth Primary School Bluebell Way Newton Aycliffe 

Community fundraising

Reaching and mobilising our local community is key to maximising the impact of our fundraising efforts. Events like charity auctions, pub quizzes, and community fairs, bring people together for a common cause and provide a great opportunity to learn more about the charitable work we do. We welcome opportunities to be your guest speak – please do get in touch.

How to get involved

Whether you're a student, teacher, parent, local business owner, or community organiser, there are lots of ways to get involved in fundraising for your NHS charity. From organising events and volunteering your time to donating money or much needed items, every contribution makes a difference. 

Ready to take action or want to learn more about the work our charity delivers? Explore our School Fundraising and Community Fundraising pages for more detailed information and ideas.