"Charity of the Year" is a year long corporate partnership between our charity and your business. 

During this time, your business and your employees fundraise, volunteer, and take part in challenges and other initiatives to support our mission and objectives as your local NHS charity. 

The partnership aims to raise funds, awareness, and support, while also providing benefits to you in terms of corporate social responsibility, employee engagement, and positive public relations.

Selecting our NHS Trust charity as your Charity of the Year is a powerful statement of your commitment to making a difference locally. It aligns your organisation with the NHS through a trusted local charity, fostering a sense of purpose and social responsibility among your staff, suppliers, and customers.

As your Charity of the Year partner, we work closely with your company to tailor opportunities that align with your goals and values. From fundraising events and volunteering we will collaborate to maximise your fundraising impact and raise awareness of your support locally and regionally.

"My advice to other local business owners is: get involved. Just do it and get involved. The positive repercussions are endless. In addition to the CSR, knowing that something you’ve done has impacted someone’s life is incredible. It’s a feeling you don’t often feel, especially in business. It’s extremely powerful being able to see the impact of what we’ve done as a team."

- Ashley Henderson, Fresh Digital, Charity Partner

We collaborate with you as our Charity of the Year partners to support your fundraising and awareness-raising efforts. Whether it's providing fundraising materials, organising joint events, or sharing success stories, we're committed to empowering your team to achieve their goals.

Choosing us as your Charity of the Year offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Enhanced brand reputation and corporate social responsibility
  • Employee engagement and morale boost
  • Networking opportunities and positive media exposure
  • Recognition through our website, social media channels, and promotional materials

Speak to us about becoming your Charity of the Year and join us in creating a healthier future for everyone in County Durham and Darlington. Contact us today to discuss partnership opportunities.