County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust supports over two million patient contacts every year. Local support and generosity through our NHS Charity mean that additional money and resources are available to fund the latest innovations, cutting edge equipment as well as the smaller luxury items that help make a hospital stay or home visit more bearable.

Through our charity partners, our small team can harness the power of community kindness and compassion to help make a huge impact on the lives of people across County Durham and Darlington. 

Why are partnerships so vital?

With your help we can significantly extend our fundraising reach beyond our hospitals and into our communities with the connectivity of local businesses, schools, and clubs. 

Not only do our partners help us raise vital funds to support ongoing needs in our hospitals and community services, including investment in state-of-the-art equipment, cutting-edge research, and enhanced patient care services. They also help us raise awareness of our campaigns and turn more local people into active supporters too.

How do we work with our charity partners?

We have a variety of fantastic local partnerships and hope that you can join these great organisations too and be a part of our Corporate Partner network. 

Working with their own corporate social responsibility goals, corporate sponsors inspire employee fundraising initiatives, take on challenge events or generate support for specific cause-related marketing campaigns. We work closely with local schools, colleges and clubs raising the profile of health and wellbeing in our communities as well as fundraising to support our patients, their families and our staff. 

There are numerous opportunities for your organisation to get involved and make a meaningful difference, we would be delighted to discuss how this can work for your organisation, your brand and meet your vision for corporate social responsibility where you are based.

Please join us as a charity partner [Mail to: link subject heading: Becoming a partner – web enquiry].

What would we need from you?

Interested in partnering with CDDFT Charity? 

Being our partner doesn’t stop with displaying your framed certificate in your office, school or hall. As previously mentioned, we will work closely with you to identify your unique objectives and align them with the needs within our Trust so that we can champion your successes along the way too.

Your support could involve fundraising, doing charity challenges, volunteering for us or, ideally, choosing us as your Charity of the Year or doing a combination of these to make a really big difference.