Want to start fundraising at your workplace? 

Begin by getting together a team of enthusiastic colleagues who share your passion for making a difference. Brainstorm ideas for fundraising activities that are in line with your company’s brand, products, culture, as well as your skills and passions.

From dress-down or dress-up days, challenges to cake sales, raffles to runs, there are almost endless possibilities for fundraising activities you can plan. Get creative, tailor the activities to suit where and how you work, and your team’s preferences and interests.

Before organising any fundraising at work, make sure you find out about:

  • Any company policies and existing charity initiatives
  • Laws around fundraising – in particular gambling laws relating to raffles and sweepstakes
  • Considerations like health and safety

Make sure you comply with relevant guidelines and have management approval if necessary.

Make it fun. Select one of our campaigns or speak to us about what we need. Set a fundraising target for your event. Highlight the impact your colleagues’ efforts will make. Involve your team in the planning process, and offer incentives or rewards for participation. Don’t forget to take lots of photos. Work with your marketing team to share what you are doing on social media and other communication channels.

Find out if your company offers matching donations for employee fundraising efforts. This can double the impact of your fundraising activities and spur your team on to do even better.  

Keep track of funds raised using a spreadsheet. Be transparent and provide regular updates to your colleagues on the progress of your joint fundraising efforts.

Stay informed about upcoming fundraising events and challenges that you can take part in. Joining these initiatives can amplify your fundraising efforts and contribute to larger-scale impact.

Start fundraising

Contact our Fundraising Team. If you need additional support or guidance with your workplace fundraising initiatives, don't hesitate to reach out to the charity's fundraising team. They're there to help you every step of the way and ensure your fundraising efforts are successful.