We actively collaborate with schools to grow meaningful partnerships. Through educational talks, fundraising, and student engagement activities, we build relationships around a shared commitment to health and education.

How we work with schools

Involving schools in supporting our charity provides numerous benefits. It not only provides students with valuable learning opportunities around the NHS, but it also gives them a sense of social responsibility and is a way to connect them with their local community.

We support schools to own their fundraising and awareness-raising activities. This allows teachers to tailor activities to their unique needs and interests, harness student creativity and initiative.

Success stories

Our school partnerships have produced some remarkable results, positively impacting both the school community and the broader community. 

From fundraising events that have raised funds for equipment, assemblies teaching children about jobs in the NHS to helping us spread joy to patients at Christmas, each partnership is a collaboration that provides feel-good, tangible results that schools, teachers, the children and their families can be proud of.

Speak to us about supporting our NHS locally through school partnerships. Together your school or college and students will make a positive difference in the lives of patients in our communities.

What schools say...

“We are thrilled to support the County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust Charity.  We believe that social skills are essential in education and supporting the County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust means that our pupils can put their character virtues into practice in a real life situation.  This is beneficial for our whole school community – pupils, staff and parents – as helping others and demonstrating kindness are the bedrock of becoming better members of society.”- Paul Taylor, Headteacher, Sedgefield Hardwick Primary Academy