We are a small charity team within one of the largest NHS Trusts in the country. Our community fundraising – fundraising by people and groups in our communities enables us to maximise the income we raise, while also freeing up our resources to fundraise in other ways.

Community fundraising is important to us

Fundraising in and by our local community - individuals, associations, clubs, volunteer groups, arts and cultural and religious and faith-based organisations is so important to us. 

Your efforts are not just coming together to organise events and activities aimed at generating donations and sponsorship, they also help us mobilise volunteers and raise awareness of our charity and campaigns.

How we use the money

The funds raised through community fundraising efforts are typically used to support our various campaigns supporting projects to enhance patient experience, care and services within our hospitals and provided by our Trust in the community. This type of fundraising not only helps to generate financial support, it also builds a stronger communities and benefits us all.

We’re looking for more community partners

Our team actively collaborates with local groups to grow meaningful partnerships. Get in touch to fundraise with us.