Thank you for considering fundraising for our NHS Charity. Your support plays a vital role in enhancing patient care and making a meaningful impact in our community. 

With eight hospitals and a commitment to patient care beyond the hospital walls, your fundraising efforts will directly contribute to improving the health and well-being of countless local people across what is one of the largest Trusts in England.

Who can fundraise?

Anyone and everyone can get involved in fundraising for our charity! 

Whether you're an individual, a group, a company, a school, a club, group or other community organisation, your support is invaluable. 

From past patients to local people passionate about a cause, to businesses looking to give back to the community, everyone has the power to make a difference.

Different ways to fundraise

There are countless creative ways to fundraise for us. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

Encourage your colleagues to participate in dress-down days, cake sales, or challenges – in or out of the office. Organise team-building events like charity runs, bike rides, or fun competitions – or sign up for one of the events on our calendar. Many companies offer matching donations, so be sure to find out if yours will match what you raise.

Fundraise at work

Schools can get involved in fundraising through sponsored events like sports days, talent shows, or sponsored reading. Car washes, cake sales and craft fairs, or sponsored walks are all great fundraising ideas. We can work with schools who want to incorporate fundraising into their curriculum or discover more about future careers in our NHS.

Fundraise at school

Involve your local community by organising events such as charity auctions, pub quizzes, or community fetes. Partner with local businesses to host fundraising events or set up collection tins in your shop or restaurant. Coordinate local initiatives like plant sales, street parties, or charity concerts.

Fundraise in your community

Fundraise online to collect donations from family, friends and colleagues. Set up a JustGiving page, use social media, or host virtual events like gaming marathons, or online challenges. Encourage friends, family, and followers to donate and share your fundraising page with their networks.

Plan special fundraising events like dinners, charity balls, or themed parties or choose our charity as a beneficiary for an existing event that you run. Host a memorable event that raises funds and awareness for our charity. Consider organising your own charity challenges.

Meet a fundraiser

Miracle milestone for Millie: Anna and Michael's journey of hope and gratitude

Anna and Michael’s journey with our charity began at Sunderland Royal Hospital. Their daughter, Millie, was born prematurely at 26 weeks, necessitating an extended stay in the Neonatal Unit at Darlington Memorial Hospital

“The care and support we received during those challenging 72 days ignited a passion within us to give back to the Trust and staff that saved Millie's life.”

Millie is now a happy, mischievous toddler. As she grows, her parents are determined to grow their fundraising efforts too.

Anna, Millie and MichaelNeoNatal.jpg
Anna, Millie and Michael

“Michael is doing a skydive for the hospital in May 2024 to raise money for a new maternity bereavement room. We have suffered from miscarriages in the past and how important this room is for parents and families who are grieving the loss of a child.”

The pair started their fundraising journey with their feet planted firmly on the ground:

“We started with an afternoon tea about 2 years ago and raised almost £1,000 for the Neonatal Unit. Michael has his own catering trailer and we also have a charity pot in there for customer donations.
“The whole of our village and community have been totally behind us and been very kind with their generous donations. 

“Without our local NHS staff and the Unit Millie wouldn’t be here. That’s the main reasons we support the charity – we want to give back for as long as we can. They’ve given us something incredible. 

“When it comes to our NHS charity everyone benefits – not only patients and their families but also doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff. The charity uses the money that we raise for things that are needed on the unit. It could be a comfy cuddling chair, new breast pumping machines, or art and murals to brighten the unit up. All of these things go towards making it a better and more pleasant place to be. 

“I nominated the Neonatal Unit for a baby lifeline award. They won, jointly with Sunderland and the RVI, and they received a plaque which is now on the wall in recognition of all the hard work they do for other babies and parents too. 

“The charity team have been fantastic. They are on hand to give advice and help wherever we need it – both as friends as well as in relation to our fundraising. 

“We know from personal experience how much the money going towards neonatal and maternity bereavement is needed. The NHS does need this extra funding so extra fundraising by local people is vital.

“We can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done. So as long as we can keep going for them we will. We want Millie to understand the importance of the NHS, how essential they are and what they did for her. We’d like her to grow up supporting the charity too. 

“She has cerebral palsy and so has contact with a lot of different services in the hospital. All the services come together and work together for Millie. It’s amazing and they deserve every penny they get. 

“We’ve made good friendships with Pat and Michelle from the charity team. They’ve become good friends and Michelle is coming to our wedding at the end of the year. They think the world of Millie which is really nice. 

“They’ve been amazing their love, support and empathy. The care that they give day in and day out, not just to us, but to everybody is so appreciated. The dedication and time that they put into fundraising and being a listening ear – it takes somebody special to be working for the charity and we’re proud to support them.”

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