Consistent support to help us plan

Regular donations are one of the best ways we can sustain and expand our impact as a charity. Your regular gifts provide us with a stable source of funding, allowing us to plan and invest in enhancing our hospitals and community services for the long-term.

Set up regular donations with Gift Aid

You can easily set up regular donations to support our hospital charity by setting up a Standing Order through your bank payroll giving through work. Gift Aid ensures that every donation goes even further, maximising its impact.

Payroll Giving

Payroll giving, also known as workplace giving or give as you earn (GAYE), offers several benefits for both you and us as a charity. In addition to being convenient, this type of donation is also tax-efficient. 

Payroll Giving provides you with tax relief. It is deducted from your pay before tax.  It means you can make regular, ongoing donations which benefits you while providing us with a reliable source of income to help us budget more effectively.

Cost effective for us

Regular donations through Standing Order and Payroll Giving are also a cost-effective fundraising method for charities like us. It reduces the amount of time we need to process individual donations. This means that more of the donated funds can directly benefit the charity's projects, patients, and staff.

How much should you give?

You can choose a giving level that suits you, your preferences and budget. Whether it's a small monthly contribution or a larger commitment, every donation makes a meaningful difference in supporting local patients and improving your NHS.

How to set up regular gifts

Speak to your payroll administrator or human resources about Payroll Giving. Alternatively set up a regular Standing Order with your bank:

Transfer funds to 

NatWest / CDDFT 
Account Number: 10011056 
Sort Code: 60-70-80

Please notify us via email if you have set up a Standing Order.

Thank you for your support.