Gifts in kind are non-monetary donations. These could be items, services, or assets that we can use to support our work and campaigns. 

Some common examples are clothing, food, and household items – for example a kettle or microwave for one of our wards. There are also some unusual examples of gifts in kind that can be incredibly valuable. 

Some examples of more unusual gifts in kind

Professional services

Donating professional services such as training or marketing expertise can provide us with essential support for our work that we might not otherwise have.

Artwork or collectibles

Donations of artwork, antiques, or collectibles can be auctioned or sold to raise funds or displayed in our hospitals to enhance the patient and visitor facilities.

Unused stock or inventory

Businesses can donate useful excess inventory, equipment, or supplies that they no longer need. Useful items provide our services with valuable resources while also freeing up space for you.

Land or property

Donating land or property can provide our Trust with valuable assets that can be used for expansion or sold to generate revenue.

Donating in kind

Gifts in kind are useful because they us meet practical needs on our NHS sites and reduce our operating costs as a charity. 

Donated goods or services, mean we can allocate more of our funds towards meeting needs within our services, rather than purchasing luxury items or paying for professional services. 

This type of gift also provides us with items and expertise that we may not have otherwise been able to afford. This allows us to expand our impact at no extra cost.

Who benefits?

For donors, gifts in kind provide an opportunity to make a tangible difference without necessarily making a financial contribution. 

Donating goods or services allows individuals and businesses to support causes they care about in a meaningful way, leveraging your unique skills, assets, or resources to make an impact. You may even qualify for a tax benefit or deductions. 

Speak to us about making a gift in kind. Unfortunately, not every offer of this type of donation can be taken up, but it may be just what we are looking for.