CDDFT Charity actively transforms the quality of care and support available to people in County Durham and Darlington. 

We do this by investing in healthcare facilities, equipment, services, and research to enhance the care and experience of patients and their families provided by County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust. 

Why get involved?

From the thoughtfully developed Birthing and Bereavement Suite, co-produced and co-funded by 4Louis and ourselves addressing very specific facilities needed for patients and their families, through to smaller projects, like placing TV’s into treatment waiting areas or wards, providing comfy sofas in a waiting rooms where relatives are anxiously waiting for news on their loved one, or a range of activity packs for both old and young – these things just wouldn’t be available without people like you: our donors, fundraisers and volunteers. 

Do you live in County Durham or Darlington? Maybe you’re looking for a way to give back locally? Or perhaps you or someone you love has been treated or cared for by the NHS in County Durham and Darlington? If so, we really need your support.

How you can support us

There are several ways you can get involved to ensure that we continue to help make the best care and experience possible for more local people. 

These include: