As a corporate partner 100% of what you donate, is invested back into our eight hospitals and over 150 community locations in County Durham and Darlington.

Twice a year we invite our corporate partners and businesses to come into our hospitals and see for themselves the impact of their donations. 

Our corporate partner events are a unique opportunity to learn more about our charity services and see first-hand the work that the charity is doing to enhance patient care and experience in the local community.

Network with likeminded local businesses

These events not only provide inspiration to stay motivated with your fundraising efforts but are also a great opportunity to network with other like-minded local businesses. 

Events may be held in small groups within hospitals to see demonstrations of our new facilities or may be held off site with presentations to larger groups to give a roundup of projects and the impact that fundraising has had.

Whether you are a small independent business, or a large corporate, your support makes a huge difference to patient experience across the region, and we welcome you in to meet our team understand the impact you are having.

Register your interest

If you’d like to register your interest for upcoming corporate partner events, please contact us.