Our mission is simple: we want to make sure everyone who needs medical treatment in County Durham and Darlington gets the best care possible. Here's how we do it:

Helping our local hospitals

We raise money to buy important things for the hospital, like new, cutting-edge machines and tools that help doctors, nurses and carers do their jobs better.

We also make the hospital a nicer place to be, by adding useful, fun, and even colourful things, like paintings and murals on the walls, to cheer patients and their families up and make their time in hospital more comfortable.

Making our community stronger

We believe that when we all work together, we can do amazing things. That's why we team up with businesses, schools, and clubs in our communities to raise money and help through donations of items for the hospital, patients and staff, as well as their time as volunteers.

Whether it's hosting events or spreading the word about what we do, you can help us make our community healthier and happier.

Connecting local people and outstanding care

We're like a bridge between our hospitals and patients receiving care at home, and the people in our community. We help make sure the hospital has everything it needs to take excellent care of patients, and we make sure people know how they can help.

From toys for children to specialist equipment, every little bit helps make the hospital a better place for anyone who needs it.

Come join us in making our hospital and community better! Whether you want to donate, fundraise for one of our appeals, become a corporate partner, or volunteer there's something each of us can do. Together, we can make a big difference!