Local business networks, are not just useful for building relationships, sharing knowledge, and gaining connections. They are essential to the success and vitality of our local and regional economy – as well as our NHS charity.

How your business network can support us 

Fundraising support

Business networks can provide financial support through corporate donations, sponsorship of events, or organising fundraising activities.


Encourage members to support their staff to volunteer their time and skills with us.

Share your network with us

Business networks offer valuable networking opportunities, allowing us to connect with potential donors, sponsors, and partners who can provide further support.

Expertise and resources

Businesses within your network may be able to offer pro bono services, expertise, or resources to help us with marketing or event planning.

Awareness and advocacy

Business networks can help us raise awareness about our fundraising campaigns. Both in the network and the wider business community. 

Corporate partnerships

Building relationships with businesses from within your network can lead to more corporate charity partnerships for us. These mutually beneficial partnerships could involve joint fundraising efforts, co-branded events, or collaborative projects that help us raise money and awareness.

Make a local difference

Overall, business networks can play a crucial role in supporting our charity across County Durham and Darlington: 

  • Organise events, workshops, networking opportunities.
  • Facilitate connections.
  • Promote business development and fundraising.
  • Make a positive impact in your community.

Speak to us about joining your business network.