Explore the impact of our previous campaigns and see how your support has made a difference. From equipment to specialised healthcare services, learn about the projects that have been successfully completed thanks to the generosity of donors like you.

The Serenity Suite at University Hospital of North Durham

A dedicated space co-funded by County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust Charity and 4Louis. The Serenity Suite provides comfort and support for families navigating miscarriage, stillbirth, and child loss.

Designed to offer privacy, dignity, and a peaceful atmosphere, this self-contained suite is attached to a delivery room and features homely touches including a kitchenette. 

Developed to minimise distress and ensure sensitive care, the Serenity Suite offers grieving parents a tranquil environment to say goodbye and spend precious moments with their baby. 

Working together we can continue to fund projects like this, that enhance patient care and support families during difficult times. Find out about our latest appeals.

Synthetic training mannequins powered by artificial intelligence

We've invested in responsive mannequins to help doctors and nurses learn faster and better. These responsive mannequins simulate real-life situations, helping medical staff improve their skills and knowledge quickly.