Here are the important projects our charity is working on right now. These reflect our most urgent needs as well as the targeted projects that are currently underway.

Your donations will help improve patient care, provide essential medical equipment, and create more comfortable environments for everyone who needs treatment and care through our local hospitals.

A Bereavement Maternity Unit in Darlington

We're raising funds to create a special place for families who have experienced loss during pregnancy or childbirth. This unit will offer comfort and support during a difficult time.

Chemo Unit in University Hospital, North Durham 

Our goal is to renew and redecorate the chemotherapy unit, making it a more welcoming and comforting space for patients undergoing treatment.

Treetops Children's Ward in Durham

We're focusing on renewing the Treetops children's ward as well as making sure all of our departments have toys and sensory equipment. Every week, hundreds of children come through our doors, and we want to make sure they have toys and activities to help them feel better.

Memorial Garden at University Hospital of North Durham

We're relocating a memorial garden to make room for hospital expansion. This project is close to our hearts. It honours the memory of those we've lost, while making space for future care.

Twiddle muffs and equipment for elderly patients

We're providing twiddle muffs and other equipment to help elderly patients feel more comfortable and reduce anxiety during their hospital stay.

Gaming Station for Teen Zone in Treetops

We're adding a gaming station to the teen zone in Treetops to provide entertainment and distraction for teenage patients.

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Your donations and fundraising help create better facilities, provide comfort during difficult times, and improve healthcare for everyone in our community. Together, we can make these projects a reality and bring hope and healing to those in need.