At County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust Charity, we actively strive to change the status quo:

  • We help bridge the gap between healthcare excellence and community support. 
  • We are here to improve patient care, enhance medical innovation, and create a nurturing environment for all those we serve. 
  • By mobilising partners and the local community, we ensure that we are improving local healthcare, together. 

We’re an important part of the local healthcare system

Our charity is a vital component of our local healthcare ecosystem. 

We raise awareness, educate, and inspire support from corporate partners, the community, patients, and their loved ones to transform healthcare for local people. 

Together, we create a healthier, more compassionate future for County Durham and Darlington. Together, we care. 

Transforming local healthcare, together

We transform healthcare and patient experiences in County Durham and Darlington by:

  • Funding advanced and innovative medical equipment 
  • Supporting staff training and development
  • Investing in innovative healthcare solutions
  • Enhancing comfort for patients and staff so promoting health and wellbeing.  

We strengthen our communities by:

  • Fostering partnerships with businesses, schools, colleges, and clubs
  • Raising awareness about needs within our Trust sites and services
  • Involving local people in fundraising and volunteering for us

We also aim to raise awareness about the invaluable role we play within the NHS and inspire support from a diverse range of audiences, including:

  • Corporate partners
  • The community, individuals, schools, groups and associations 
  • Grateful patients and their loved ones

For patients in County Durham and Darlington, County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust Charity is not just a name, it's a beacon of hope. 

We enhance patient care, equip our healthcare professionals, and create healing environments where families find comfort and support.