We ask for help because we want to make things better for patients in our hospitals, people receiving treatment and care in our communities as well as for their families and friends.

Why we carry out our appeals

We want to make a big difference where it's needed most. With support from donors, volunteers, and the community, we can do wonderful things through our appeal projects to improve local healthcare services and help more patients feel better.

Improving patient care

We want patients to feel as comfortable as possible when they're in hospital or receiving care at home. So, we raise money to make our hospitals more welcoming and nicer environments to be in helping to promote wellbeing and positive experiences.

Fulfilling unmet needs

We listen to feedback from staff, patients, their families and carers and look for places where the Trust needs help, but it is not covered within the traditional NHS budgets. Then, we try to raise money for those things.

Involving donors and supporters

We want people to know how their money is being used and the good it's doing. Donating to our appeals is a great way for you to find out about the projects we're currently working on and get involved.